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You probably need a surveyor if you need to know exactly where something is or should be. Fixed Height Surveys can help you with any of your land survey needs.

Boundary Survey

We can help you determine the limits of your property.  This can be as easy as corner recovery and line marking.  Or it can be more complex boundary resolution resulting in boundary monumentation and recording a Record of Survey.

Elevation Certificate

When building in a floodplain it is necessary to build to the standards of the Army Core of Engineers and the local authorities in the area you are working in.  We can provide vertical benchmarks that will ensure that your structure is built to the proper elevation.  When construction is complete, we can provide an elevation certificate for your structure.

As-Built Survey

As-built surveys are necessary for many situations related to construction, permitting, and mortgages. As-builts are used to ensure properties are built in conformance with code, zoning requirements, and design.  We have a quick turnaround on as-builts allowing the client to move on to more important things.  We provide as-builts and plot plans that conform to the needs of engineers, architects, permitting departments.

Construction Staking


We can provide for all of your construction staking needs from the start of a project to the finish.  We can provide clearing limits, slope stakes, utility stakes, grade stakes, curb and gutter staking, improvement staking, and any other staking you might need.

Aerial Photography

In conjunction with Aleutian Aerial Media, we provide orthorectified aerial photography at a reasonable price.  High resolution low altidude photography allows for visualization and analysis that you can’t get from traditional survey products.  We can provide the tools you need to bring your project to the next level.