Fixed Height provides high quality mortgage as-builts at a fair price and in a timely fashion.

As a realtor you have enough to do to close a sale.  Why not take “call some land surveyors” off the list.  Here you can order your mortgage as-built online and receive it without ever picking up the phone.  After ordering you will receive an email confirming the property location, price, and delivery date.


As-Built prices are determined by building occupancy, location and lot size.  The following price list is for single family residential property that is less than one acre.  For properties between 1 and 5 acres add $100 to the price below.  For multi-family, commercial, and properties over 5 acres we will send you a custom quote (you can still fill out the as-built order form.)



Anchorage, Eagle River


Girdwood, Palmer, Wasilla


Big Lake, Willow, Talkeetna


Lead Time

As-builts are delivered 3-6 business days from time of order.  After ordering, you will receive a confirmation email showing the delivery date.


We accept payment for the survey out of closing.  The as-built will be delivered with an invoice.

Mortgage As-Built Order


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You probably need a surveyor if you need to know exactly where something is or should be. Fixed Height Surveys can help you with any of your land survey needs.




Receive a custom quote for your land surveying needs.  Just fill out a few fields and we will review the information you provide and respond to your request shortly.

About Us

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Fixed Height Surveys is a geospatial services company based in Anchorage, AK. We acquire, package and deliver spatial data (that is a fancy way of saying, “We can do a good survey for you.”) Whether you are putting in a new driveway or building a highway, we can help you get there.