Andre Kaeppele, PLS


Andre is a lifelong Alaskan who spent many summers in residential construction and developing trail systems throughout the wilderness before finding his calling as a land surveyor.  He recently acquired his professional license after 15 years of surveying throughout the state.  From supporting oil industry construction on the north slope, to conducting aerial forest surveys in southeast, his experience covers a broad spectrum of the field.  He has worked with the public sector for federal, state, municipal, borough, and village entities. And in the private sector from residential subdivisions to commercial developments throughout southcentral.


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You probably need a surveyor if you need to know exactly where something is or should be. Fixed Height Surveys can help you with any of your land survey needs.

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Fixed Height Surveys is a geospatial services company based in Anchorage, AK. We acquire, package and deliver spatial data (that is a fancy way of saying, “We can do a good survey for you.”) Whether you are putting in a new driveway or building a highway, we can help you get there.




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